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Large bag ton packing machine
Ton bag packing scale is also called ton bag packing machine or big bag packing scale. It is an automatic packaging machine that packs 500KG - 2000KG each time. According to the proportion and characteristics of materials, the weight of each packaging is different. Normally, it will not be less than 500kg or more than 2000kg. Because the mechanical structure of the ton-bag packing scale is fixed, no matter how the material performance is, the volume of each bag is basically the same, and the material with a larger proportion is basically about one cubic meter, that is, the weight is heavier, generally between 1.5 tons and 2.5 tons, and the fine powder with a smaller proportion is generally about one cubic meter and lighter, generally between 500 kg and one ton.
Product introduction
According to the different material properties, the feeding mode of the ton-bag packing scale is different: the material with good fluidity is fed by gravity, and automatically flows into the ton-bag through the weight of the material itself; the powder material is fed by screw, and the advantage of screw feeding is to prevent the material from punching and to let the material evenly enter the bag; the mixture material is fed by leather. Easy-to-bond materials are usually fed by vibration.
Technical Parameters



Weight Range



0.1% F  S


15-30 bags/h


AC380V 50Hz

Air Consumption


Air Pressure




Sensor Mode

Mid or Bottom Mode

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